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Ki Joo-bong
Ki Joo-bong
  • Ki Joo-bong
  • 1955-09-03
  • South Korea
  • <<다른 명칭>>
    Joo-bong Ki
    Key Joo-bong
    Joo-bong Key
    Gi Ju-bong
    Ki Jubong
    Kee Joo-bong
    Ki Joo-Bong
    Ki Joo-bong
  • Acting
  • Ki Joo-bong, born in 1955, is a South Korean actor. he majored in film and theatre from Sorabol Art University (now part of Chung-Ang University). He debuted in 1977 when he established the theater company 76 along with his brother KI Guk-seo, also an actor and stage director. They were not earning a lot, but KI didn’t mind. However, along with his marriage came the moral obligation of feeding his family and so he tried other jobs, without much success. He went back to the stage, and since the late 1990s began to appear in movies.
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